Sub Floor Ventilation in Sydney – Solve Them through Effective Systems

Olivia Wells | July 12, 2018 | 0 | Home & Gardens

There is a report that a popular mall cum botanical garden in Calgary in Canada is about to be closed again for repairs. This has taken many people by surprise, and some might even be shocked. The reason is that the building was opened to public in 2012 after 4 years of work on renovating the floors. They found leakages and dampness on the floors below the garden on the fourth floor. The experts took a long time to even detect the reason for the leakages. But the crucial point is that this is the kind of problem being faced by many buildings with sub floors is Sydney. It is therefore, essential that good sub floor ventilation in Sydney is fixed to avoid dampness and any kind of leakages.

Some Expert Service Needed to do it

In real terms, the lack of appropriate ventilation in the sub floors can cause more damage than just causing the dampness. Some of these damages include forming of moulds and over time, these problems can even weaken the building’s structure. Obviously, the solution to this has to come out of clearing the moisture that gets formed in the sub floors. In some cases, a simple window type ventilator is fixed to allow air to pass from outside into the basement. But this may not be sufficient, and you may have to opt for a mechanical process of sub floor ventilation in Sydney. The best solutions can only emerge after you engage an expert to make an inspection and give a report.

A Variety of Solutions for Ventilating the Sub Floors

Among the suggestions, the experts may come up with fans to evacuate the air from inside the sub floor. The type of fan for this purpose will be determined by the size of the area to be covered. For small sized rooms, a simple standard fan fixed on the wall below the ground floor level and close to the ceiling of the sub floor should be sufficient. These are normally built in plastic and come in a range of designs and ratings. The other alternative, where the sub floor area is quite large, the fans are fixed on the ducts and are called inline fans.

Many times, these fans are sold in the form of DIY kits, and people can carry out the fixing of the fans on their own.

Be Informed of the Technical Details

It is quite necessary for anyone who owns a building with a sub floor structure to equip himself/herself with the way the sub floors get affected due to leakages, and then the mould formation and dampness occur, and this is how buildings can get damaged as well. With such details in the bag, you would be able to tackle the issue more effectively. It is also important that if there are leakages in the building, then the source of such leaks has to be located and repaired.

Buildings have sub floors in order to accommodate additional space requirements in cities like Sydney, where space is always at a premium. But sub floors can also come with some problems like mould formation. Go in for effective solutions for sub floor ventilation in Sydney to take care of the moisture.

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